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Kate FelusOn Saturday November 17th we had a very interesting illustrated talk by Kate Felus who is a freelance Historic Landscape Consultant.

Around 100 members came to Bawdeswell Village Hall and enjoyed Kate’s presentation. She led us through the delights a guest may have enjoyed during one day staying at a grand estate.

The morning would have been taken up with walking, carriage driving around the estate observing haymaking or other activities. Fishing and boating on the lake would have occupied the afternoon. It was thought if children learnt to fish it would teach them patience! Picnics and musical entertainments were enjoyed in the open air or in rotundas, boathouses, temples or in some cases, tents, followed by evening dinners with music, fancy dress, fireworks, food and drink.

Occasionally vast numbers of people were entertained out of doors. Robert Walpole from Houghton was thought to have been the person who started the house party trend.

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