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Andrew Scales and Tina Milchard very kindly opened their garden for the Norfolk Gardens Trust on the evening of the Summer Solstice.

Andrew and Tina have spent several years enlarging, designing and creating a very individual garden which is divided into a series of rooms. Particularly notable were the White Garden, the Tranquillity Garden with its water feature, and the Rose Garden. From the orchard a path led to a moon-gate with views across the meadow to an ancient oak in front of which was placed a long white seat.

A charming little brick building sporting a pretty painted sign announced it was ‘The Happy Hen House’ and indeed the chickens looked very contented in their paddock. Considerable time has been spent sourcing statuary which enhances each area of the garden. The fruit cage with its sweet peas clambering up the outside was a special delight.

I particularly liked the avenue of cherry trees leading to the Pavilion which created an attractive vista from the house and the pond near where we parked with the pots and shady trees. It was all immaculate and an absolute pleasure to walk around. For those with more energy there is also a woodland walk. I loved the display of old garden tools in an outhouse and the galvanised watering cans arranged on a shelf in the Peach House.

In absolutely stunning weather 150 members enjoyed wine and soft drinks with delicious canapes provided by Sam & James from The Boston Travelling Tea Party.

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