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Corpusty Mill Garden is never open to the public and needs a group booking to get in, so it was a great feather in NGT’s cap to have a four-hour visit on Sunday July 21st. Nothing prepares you for what is hidden inside. How can over 5 acres of garden be concealed in the centre of the village like that? And what an exciting five acres they proved to be.

The owner, Roger Last, has spent a lifetime slowly evolving his garden and his success in terms of planting and design shows at every turn. There is nothing quite like this garden in Norfolk. Divided into three distinct parts, each with a flavour of its own, the garden endlessly delights and surprises. There are the buildings, follies, including a four-chamber candlelit grotto, the inventive use of water in fountains, rills, pools, stream and the River Bure which flows down one side of the garden, and the varied and often unusual planting. Not just herbaceous, but woodland and water loving plants and there are a wide variety of trees, many of them rare. All of this to discover and on a lovely summer’s afternoon too.

The day was made complete by Karen Moore’s well organised and delicious tea and cakes, with up to twelve volunteer helpers, all to whom, very many thanks. With over 230 members attending the opening was a great success, not only financially but in allowing our members to see what is best in Norfolk’s gardens. It was not to be missed.

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Sat 5th Mar, 2022. 2pm

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