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Tate Talk, 2019 | Norfolk Gardens TrustA Window on the Past. Restoring the Tudor and Jacobean Garden. By Richard Wheeler.
Saturday, 9th March at Bawdeswell Village Hall, Reepham Road, NR20 4RU

From Mediaeval times to the present day people have been creating gardens. Richard Wheeler, the National Specialist in Garden History for the National Trust gave us a brief tour de force of Garden history from Mediaeval Times to the end of the Renaissance.

Henry Stuart established the pattern for Renaissance gardens and statuary at the Palace of Richmond. The Garden was on the site of the present day Old Deer Park. These gardens were widely copied and the bones of them still exist today. Richard told us of some National Trust restorations which are still on going to open up the front aspects of some of their properties.

Chastleton House came in for special mention for its lovely setting and formality. Renaissance gardens were much altered from Henry Stuart’s time to Victorian times but Garden design has never remained static and is a palimpsest.

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